Lepak Friday!

The very first Lepak Friday session in school held at the Agency featured friends, food and ‘Forever Fever’ (a local movie). Although the turn out wasnt spectacular, we still had fun! I literally took off my sandals to feel more at home hahahaha(hence, lepak) 

I was also the food guardian for the day (volunteered myself of course) - handling the nuggets, samosas, seaweed chicken, chips, oreos etc. Just thinking about it makes me hungry, raaah. 

Really looking forward to more Lepak Friday sessions with the DMC people. It doesnt really matter how many people turn up (to me, at least), as long as we have fun. And boy, do we know how to have fun. Hehehe. 

I shall end off with a few pictures of wonderful people from today. 

stay flabyoulous, 


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